Oral Histories

David Mollet

David's Quonset functions as a studio/residence. Interview by Chris Chiei in Fairbanks, AK on July 12, 2003.

CC: "So, when did you get it?"

DM: "It would have been 1978. The city auctioned off about 15 of them. They were using them for storage. In fact mine was full of old parking meters. They had a silent bid auction, so I went down there - I was just gonna us it to make like a temporary building, a studio to work in. And then I was going to build my house. But it ended up being my house."

"I think I got it for $120. I picked the very best one out of 15 of them. Just picked the one that was in the best shape. Some of them were in very poor condition. And I won it. Nobody bid against me. And so I took it apart with a screwdriver and took it home. Put it back together on a 10' wall and then built a little arctic entry that kind of matches the curve. That became my house. It was supposed to be my studio."

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