The exhibition was organized by the Anchorage Museum of History and Art and Alaska Design Forum.


Chris Chiei and Julie Decker

Exhibition Design And Fabrication

Matter Architecture Practice
Sandra Wheeler, Alfred Zollinger, partners
Geraldo Dannemann, Kwi-Hae Kim, William Ngo, Julie Temme

Exhibition Graphics

mgmt. design
Alicia Cheng, partner
Kyle Barron-Cohen

Exhibition Graphic Production

Graphicworks, Inc.
Color Edge Visual
Norstar Color
Digital Edge

Construction Services

3-W Construction
Buck Walsky, owner
Scott Wright

Museum Construction Team

Ted Gardeline, Leed Nord, Scott Swift, Ariel Brown

Exhibition Video

Sprocketheads, LLC


Clutch Media
Mike Hondel

Computer-Generated Models

Edge Media
Industrial Studio


Clark James Mishler, David Gellotte, Patrick J. Endres, Don Pitcher, Luciana Whitaker, Kevin G. Smith, Bruce Binder, Klaus Mayer

Special Thanks to Advisors

Donald Albrecht, Trevor Boddy, Brian Carter, Mike Dunning, Steve Haycox

Museum Staff

Patricia B. Wolf, Museum Director
Suzi Jones, Deputy Director
Dave Nicholls, Curator of Exhibitions
Allan Shayer, Assistant Curator of Exhibitions
Sharla Blanche, Registrar
Kathleen Hertel-Baker, Director of Library and Archives
Nell Blair, Development Director
Janet Asaro, Marketing Director
Benee Braden, Contract Accountant

This project would not have been possible without the generous volunteer efforts of many individuals.

Research and Project Development Volunteers

Chris Arend, Ron Bateman, John Biggs, Seth Brandenberger, Robert Brandenberger, Howard Brown, Carol Crump Bryner, Leone Chiei, Chris Cole, Mike Croskrey, Wendy Ernst Croskrey, Don Decker, Michelle Decker, Sharon Ferguson, Jesse Florez, Kristofer Gills, KN Goodrich, David Hayden, Don Henry, Ted Herlinger, Matt Johnson, S J. Klein, Karen Larsen, Leslie Marsh, Ric Martinez, Erica Meccage, Charles Mobley, Don Mohr, David Mollett, Michael Morris, John Pearce, Patty Peirsol, Amber Ridington, Marie Ringwald, Isobel Roy, Duke Russell, Petra Sattler- Smith, David Porter, Mary Richards, Evelyn Rousso, Lew Santoro, Joe Senungetuk, Amy Tomson, John Weir, Catherine Williams, Elaine Williamson, Laura Winckler, Sheila Wyne, Clark Yerrington.

Thank you to staff at the following organizations

Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Dianne Brenner, Mina Jacobs, Walter Van Horn; The National Archives-Pacific Alaska Region, Tom Wiltsey, Bruce Parham; University of Alaska Anchorage Consortium Library, Arlene B. Schmuland, Jeffrey A. Sinnott; Z. J. Loussac Public Library, Bruce Merrell; University of Alaska Fairbanks Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, Rose Speranza; Alaska Film Archives at Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, Dirk Tordoff; Alaska State Archives, Larry Hibpshman; Alaska State Museum, Alaska State Library, Tongass Historical Museum, Kodiak Historical Society Marian Johnson, The National Archives, Sandy Smith; The Library of Congress; The Ben Moreell Library, Deborah Gunia; National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Public Programs, Karen Mittelman; Naval Historical Center, Navy Art Collection Branch, Gale Munro; US Army Center of Military History, Renee Klish; Yukon Archives; National Archives of Canada; Canadian War Museum, Maggie Arbour-Doucette; National Gallery of Canada; The Art Institute of Chicago, Kate Butterly, Mary Woolever, Lori Boyer; Rhode Island Historical Society, Rick Stattler, Dana Signe K. Munroe; Phillips Memorial Library; The History Factory, Alexandra Brisen; Quonset Point Seabee Museum, Jack Sprengel, Norm Langlais; Masonite Corporation, Patsy Myric; Butler Manufacturing Co., Andrea Hanson.

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