Oral Histories

It sometimes seems as if everyone has a story about a Quonset hut - particularly in Alaska, where the hut has served as shelter for soldiers, homesteaders, restaurants, hair salons, schools, hospitals, churches and more. Some of these stories have been recorded as part of this project and are included here.

Have your own Quonset story? Feel free to e-mail it to us. We may choose to expand this section to include more stories, as time and space permits.

Please note that every story included here and added in the future cannot be included in its entirety. This is a compilation of stories, a collection of personal reminiscences - not a scholarly work. Due to the large number of stories, we have edited for length. Still, every effort is made to preserve the essential content of each story and the words of the speaker. The original, unedited stories are on file with the Alaska Design Forum.