Oral Histories

Cathleen Doyle

Cathleen came to Fairbanks in 1973, and currently owns the wood-sided hut behind McDonalds. The property was purchased in 1979. Interview by Chris Chiei in Fairbanks, AK on July 13, 2003.

CD: "And then after you've lived in a Quonset - I lived in this Quonset here for a number of years - After you've lived in a Quonset, its kind of a love hate relationship - you start hating it at the beginning, and then by the time you leave, you're looking at other design elements - "Oooooh. Lets put an arch into the house. You mean a Quonset? Sort of a Quonset, but not really."

"You see a lot of fish racks - where the Quonset is no longer functional as a building. And it's just the ribs with tin and fish. That's all over the Seward Peninsula - you see those - that they're ideal fish racks. You know, because then everybody in the family can reach some of the racks. Kids can hang up the salmon at the lower end. It's a good system. And if you take out walls then you get an ideal way for the air to move through and dry the salmon. And, easy to close it off and smoke it out, too."