Oral Histories

Jim Griffin

Jim grew up in a Quonset home in Seward, Alaska. He has lived in Quonsets in Healy and NARL. Interview by Chris Chiei in Fairbanks, AK on August 8, 2003.

JG: "Well, when we moved in, there were no cabinets, no furniture - basically all you had was a shell. And, you start bringing in your furniture, you decide what color the walls were going to be - much as you do in any home today - you make whatever it is that you need to create the kind of home kitchen arrangements you want. And ours, there just happened to be the typical kitchen bar where everything was passed across to dining room table a little further down the Quonset hut because believe me when you're in a building that's got a - I'm going to guess the 20 to 25' diameter with the 3' pony walls holding up that curve - you don't have a lot to deal with or to work with. Especially if your not real creative as an architect."