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Great Book About Great Little Structures

For anyone interested in the history of architecture and/or industry, this book is for you. Chock full of interesting photos, and lovely little tales, it tells the story of the humble hut. While this building could hardly be said to have "won the war" it certainly contributed to the comfort of the soldiers and sailors who did. Having lived as an infantryman in Viet Nam in 1965, the early days of our troop buildup, staying first in pup tents when at our home base and later in squad tents, I would have loved the relative comfort of the Quonset Hut. The photos in this book are more than worth its price, but the well written and well researched text helps one understand what these almost forgotten buildings were. I lived twice in Quonset huts as a boy, in Alaska and then in California (I preferred the latter) and I learned to respect these structures, if not love them.
- Thomas Twist from Santa Cruz Mountains, CA (01/31/2006)

Quonset Hut Memories

It is a book that many people today should read, not just the architects, etc. Because we who lived in a Quonset Hut in the early fifties remember how it was and what it felt like during that time. It was located in a big city: Detroit. I was only a small child, but I still remember the shared experiences we all had together and the richness of childhood. It truly was a fun memory even if we were poor. My dad served in WW II. I am happy to see there is a book on this. It truly is a part of history!
- Denise Martinson from Sterling Heights (05/08/2006)

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